The varieties of grapes offered by this land give rise to the precious DOC Trentino of Vallagarina. The current selection includes Merum, a Chardonnay whose Latin name is inspired by the purity of this wine, and Dextrum, a Pinot Noir, whose vineyard is located on the right bank of the Adige river. To complete the range of the Laregtal house a  Holunder, IGT of the Dolomites. A Goldtraminer that stands out for its versatility and the characteristic scent of elder flower – “Holunder” in German.

The wines fully respect the territory that is long devoted to the production of these excellences. Each wine with its right peculiarities can most surely accompany any of your most favourite dishes.


Chardonnay-MERUM-Trentino DOC

The Chardonnay is, par excellence, the white grape of Burgundy. It has become the most famous white grape variety in the world, perhaps because of its floral notes and its hints of yellow citrus fruit make it lend well to aging in oak barrels. When aged in steel, a fresh, delicate, fruity wine with a high alcohol content is obtained. It is used in blends for the production of the best sparkling wines in the world. Chardonnay white wines express a wide range of aromas, flavors and colors, basically due to the diversity of the places where they are grown and produced and to the different production techniques that they are subjected to.

Merum is a wine that embodies the aptitude of a territory that for centuries has been suited to viticulture and also to the ability of our winemakers to best extract its characteristics, turning it into a great DOC Trentino wine. The bouquet is complex, the color is straw yellow, we recommend it in combination with delicately flavored foods.

A "pure" Chardonnay, just like its name.


GoldTraminer-HOLUNDER-Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

The “Gold” adds a powerful modern charge to this “Traminer” that is usually considered an irreverent wine. Gold Traminer is instead an absolutely innovative wine, obtained by crossing the Traminer vine with the Tuscan Trebbiano. In doing so a new variety was created in the mid-1950s by Rebo Rigotti, a Trentino geneticist, one of the most brilliant vinicultural researchers known internationally. These precious vines that are most rare precisely because they are destined for a targeted harvest and for creating an equally particular wine. A wine just like this one; Holunder. It ripens on the basaltic slope of Reviano, the sunny side of the Destra Adige, above Isera (Trento). The care in cultivation and vinification is of extreme importance in order to produce and bottle an incredibly original, curious and yet intriguing wine. The name Holunder is inspired by the German language which is spoken in the Valle d’Adige, an area and that boasts numerous elder flowers that encircle the cultivation area in a fragrant embrace.

Holunder - a Gold Traminer that stands out for its versatility: to be enjoyed even when young, for immediate sensations - or to be rediscovered after proper aging in the cellar, for unforgettable indulgence.


Pinot Nero-DEXTRUM-Trentino DOC

Among all the red grapes of the world Pinot Noir is considered the most noble and elegant, and at the same time the most difficult to interpret, that puts the winemaker and the consumer in the face of perhaps the most complex tasting task. The term Pinot derives from the French and translated literally means "pine cone", a name given due to the shape that bunch of this grape has, very closely attached to one another and an in elongated shape, typical of a pine cone.

Dextrum is our Pinot Noir with DOC Trentino designation, a complex grape that is early in ripening and very sensitive to terroir. It is a wine with a scent that the nose reaches with grace and aromatic precision. It recalls red berries and spices. In the mouth it has the unquestionable class of the grapevine that cultivates it, a caressing taste with delicate tannins and a pleasant sapidity; excellent in combination with vegetables and meat.

Pino Noir is often called the white or the red wines and it is just for this reason that we can boldly recommend that our Dextrum can accompany fresh summery dishes as well as fish.

Dextrum is our skilled interpretation of one of the most difficult grapes to grow and most difficult wine to make.