Immersed in the province of Trento, the Vallagarina, in German Lagertal, defines the last stretch of land between the mountains of the valley created by the Adige river. Here, where the southern Alps impose themselves for the last time with peaks that range from 1000 to 2000 meters just before lowering towards the Val Padana; there is a long history that has favored settlements, villages and castles. The largest town is Rovereto, the city known for its oak trees and the famous museum of modern and contemporary art “Mart”, as well as for being the capital of the Valley. Compared to the higher region of Val d’Adige in Trentino, towns and nature in Vallagarina retain a more Mediterranean character and a closer attention to its history and Italian traditions. It is in these territories that some of the most appreciated agricultural products in the world are made: among others honey, chestnuts, delicious cheeses, saffron, apples, cherries and, of course, wine. It is a land rich in nutrients with excellent sun exposure and affected by a pleasant breeze that blows constantly from Lake Garda.

These are the ingredients that when combined give unique aromas and flavors to the typical products of this territory.


Reviano is a small town in the Vallagarina. It is known to be set on morainic soil that favors the growth of grapevines, giving the wine a special, rich and unique taste. This is the “cradle” of our vineyards: from Reviano you can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire valley and admire the magnificent Adige river that runs through the vineyard estates. Lagertal extends over 2 hectares and is located about 500 meters above sea level. The vineyard was planted in the beginning of the 2000s with a current exclusive production of about 25,000 bottles. The harvesting and wine making are performed exclusively by hand in full compliance with traditional methods. Paying the utmost care and selecting only the best of our raw materials to guarantee quality and balance to our final product.